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01. Holocauster Ride (Music : Olsen,Johansen,Larsen/ Lyrics : Olsen).
02. Limitation Of Life (Dark Side Of The Mind) (Music : Olsen,Johansen/ Lyrics : Olsen)
03. Temptation Highland (Music : Olsen,Johansen,Tøftum,Larsen/ Lyrics : Olsen)
04. Without You (Music : Larsen/ Lyrics : Olsen)
05. Twist Of Faith (Garden Of Heathen) (Music : Olsen/ Lyrics : Olsen)
06. Far Cry From Freedom (Music : Olsen,Larsen/ Lyrics : Olsen)
07. Earthbound Spirit (Music : Olsen,Larsen,Tøftum/ Lyrics : Olsen)
08. Diary Of The Dying (Music : Larsen/ Lyrics : Olsen)
09. Blood Of The Innocent (Music : Olsen,Larsen/ Lyrics : Olsen)
10. Alone (Heart)

Temptation Highland :

Morten Færøvig : drums.
Jack Roger Olsen : guitars and backing vocals.
Knut Egil Tøftum : bass.
Trine Elise Johansen : vocals.
Lars Andre Larsen : guitars and keyboards.

Choir on track 1, 6,8 and 10 by "The Eartbound Spirits" - Trine Elise Johansen and Jack Roger Olsen. Additional choir on track 8 by Børge Finstad.
All music arranged by Highland Glory.

Engineered by Børge Finstad. Recorded and produced by Highland Glory @ Toproom Studio, june 2008 - may 2010. Vocals produced by Børge Finstad.
Mixed by Hugo Alvarstein and Klaus Heilman @ Xtremely Loud Mixes So Bring Earplugs Studios, may - october 2010. Mastered by Morten Lund, november 2010.

Artwork by Mark Wilkinson @ www.the-masque.com.
Cover concept by Jack Roger Olsen.
Band photos by Glenn Karlsen @ www.glennkarlsen.com.
Layout by Asgeir Mickelson (www.asgeirmickelson.com).



Forever Endeavour - 2005


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01. Spirit Of Salvation
02. Break The Silence
03. Edge Of Time
04. Mindgame Masquerade
05. The Sacrifice
06. Surreality
07. Forever Endeavour
08. Real Life
09. Somewhere
10. Demon Of Damnation

Album Credits :

Creators Of Spiritual Salvation:
Jan Thore Grefstad: vocals & occasional keyboards
Jack-Roger Olsen: guitars, backing vocals
Lars Andre Larsen: guitars & keyboards
Knut Egil Tøftum: bass
Morten Færøvig: drums

Female vocals on track 5 by Adriana
Choir on track 2 by Jan Thore Grefstad, Jack-Roger Olsen & Lars Andre Larsen, "The Three Amigays"!
All music arranged by Highland Glory.
All lyrics & story concept by Jan Thore Grefstad, except titles on track 6,7 & 10 by Jack-Roger Olsen.

Recorded, produced & engineered by Highland Glory @ Panser Studio, november & december 2004. Additional vocals recorded by Stian Aarstad @ Studio Jam, january 2005.
Mixed & co-produced by Hugo Alvarstein and Klaus Heilman atThe Farm, february & march 2005.
Mastered by Morten Lund, with assistance from Hugo Alvarstein at Masterhuset.

Artwork by Mark Wilkinson @ www.the-masque.com
Cover concept by Jack-Roger Olsen & Jan Thore Grefstad.

Band photos by Frode Øien.
Layout & design by Håkon Grav.

Published by Voices Publishing.
Official Website : www.highlandglory.com




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01. One Last Chance
02. Beyond the Pharaos Curse
03. A Warriors Path
04. This Promise I Swear
05. Land of Forgotten Dreams (Part I)
06. Land of Forgotten Dreams (Part II)
07. Wear your gun to Neverland
08. Will we be Again?
09. From the Cradle to the Brave

Album Credits:

Jan Thore Grefstad: vocals
Jack-Roger Olsen: guitars, backing vocals
Lars Andre Larsen: keyboards, guitars
Knut Egil Tøftum: bass
Morten Færøvig: drums

The Celtic Clansmen Choir:
Daniel Heiman and Fredrik Olsson (Lost Horizon): backing vocals on "Cradle"
Daniel Heiman & Jan Thore Grefstad sing duet on the last chorus of "Cradle"
(Daniel Heiman & Fredrik Olsson appear courtesy of MFN records)

All music arranged by Highland Glory

Recorded & mixed at Toproom Studio, september - desember 2002
Engineered & mixed by Børge Finstad
Assistant engineers: Marius "mos-mos" Olaussen & Lars Andre Larsen
Produced by Highland Glory & Marius "mos-mos" Olaussen
Mastered by Morten Andersen at Masterhuset, 201202

Artwork by Mark Wilkinson @ l-spacedesigns
Cover concept by Jack-Roger Olsen
Layout by Asgeir Mickelson
Official website: www.highlandglory.com